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Donald Trump wins
POLITICS | The American People Have Spoken. Sir Robert Worcester rounds up the exit polls

Trump, Clinton ...and Chickpeas – Erich McElroy's election
Published August 2016

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Published July 2016

Election: This IS American Democracy
Published July 2016

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Published March 2016

Democrat Candidates' Positions on US Expat Issues
Published March 2016

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Published March 2016

US Presidential Election 2016: This is Democracy?
By Sir Robert Worcester
Published February 8, 2016

The Millenials
By Dr Alison Holmes
Published January-February 2016

The Rehabilitation of Red
By Dr Alison Holmes
Published November-December 2015

New Orleans: The Crescent & the Shadow, Katrina 10 years on
By Harry Shearer
Published August 2015

Aftershocks – Britain post-election
By Dr Alison Holmes
Published July 2015

Is the Special Relationship Over?
By Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Published July 2015

Why isn't American Done with Racism?
By Dr Alison Holmes
Published May 2015

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