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American Citizens Abroad seeks nomination for award

American Citizens Abroad, Inc. (ACA), the nonpartisan, volunteer organization representing the interests of US expats, is calling for nominations for its 2016 Thomas Jefferson Award honoring State Department employees who have given exemplary service to American citizens residing abroad. The award remembers America's first Secretary of State who himself lived outside the new republic for many years while promoting the interests of his country.

The winner receives a framed certificate, and his/her name is engraved on a plaque on display at the State Department. The names of all nominees are sent to State, and mention of nomination is added to their service records. They can be from any rank, from Foreign Service National through Ambassador), on any continent or in Washington, but through personal commitment, creativity and enthusiasm served, inspired and united "their" American communities. Check out previous winners here.

Your nominations should include:
- One or more letters of recommendation from individual Americans and/or groups, explaining why the candidate should be chosen, and citing anecdotes and examples of outstanding service to the local community
- If possible, an outline of the nominee’s career to date
- A recent photograph of the candidate
- Your contact details

Send your nomination to:, subject: "Thomas Jefferson Award nomination", or via mail to American Citizens Abroad, Inc., Attention: Thomas Jefferson Award Committee, 11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 100-162, Rockville, MD 20852, USA.

The deadline is 01 June 2017.

Posted 02 Apr 2017
Defense Secretaries
Secretary of Defense meets Defence Secretary
US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis met with UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon at the Ministry of Defence in London March 31, Mr Mattis' first official visit to Britain since he took up office in January. They reviewed both countries' roles within NATO and progress being made in tackling Daesh. Sir Michael also explained how the UK is stepping up its global role, following the triggering of Article 50 by the Prime Minister on March 29. At the press event, they jointly announced a $102 million (£80m) contract involving the preparation of the RAF Marham air base for the arrival of the UK's first Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II jets in 2018. The F-35s will be flown by the RAF's 617 Squadron, known as the Dambusters after the squadron exploits in World War II.
Posted 31 Mar 2017
New £1 Coin
New £1 Coin Launched
From today, March 28th 2017, there is a new design to the British £1 Coin. The new 12-sided coin is designed to be more difficult to counterfeit than it's predecessor, and contains a raft of new security features. The new coin came into circulation today, which means you'll need to be aware of what to do with existing, circular £1 coins.
- For 6 months, the existing circular £1 coins will be legal tender alongside the new 12-sided design.
- This means that you can use the existing circular £1 coins in shops, restaurants and other establishments, as well as the new 12-sided design, until 15th October 2017.
- The Royal Mint recommends that if you have lots of circulat £1 coins, you are advised to deposit these at your bank or spend these by 15th October 2017.
- Be aware that vending machines, ticket machines, self-service payment machines and equipment such as trolley carts and lockers which take £1 coins may not accept the new, 12-sided design.
- After 15th October 2017, you may still be able to exchange circular £1 coins at local banks and Post Offices - check for more details.
So make sure you look behind your couch, in jean pockets, and other places to make sure you don't lose out as a result of the changes!
Posted 28 Mar 2017
Beacon Global Seminars
Beacon Global Seminars for Americans in London

Financial Experts, Beacon Global, are hosting a series of seminars in London which will educate US Citizens, and US connected individuals, in the UK on a range of financial issues. Beacon's "Financial Awareness Seminars" will inform attendants on Lifestyle Planning, Protection Planning Strategies, FATCA Compliant Wealth Management, International Life Insurance Strategies and Tax Efficient Inheritance and Retirement Planning. You can register for the Seminars, which take place at CCT Venues Barbican, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JA, on the below dates:

April 6 2017: Register Here
April 27 2017: Register Here
May 4 2017: Register Here
May 11 2017: Register Here
May 18 2017: Register Here
May 23 2017: Register Here
June 1 2017: Register Here
June 22 2017: Register Here
June 29 2017: Register Here

To find out more details about Beacon Global Education and if you have any questions about their Seminars, do contact them via their website at


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