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London's Bern-ing
By Travis Mooney

Dateline February 11, 2016 – London, UK. Approximately 100 supporters of a political candidate gathered to hear his brother speak in London.

Larry Sanders meets fans in London Larry Sanders meets fans of his brother Bernie at a London event

No, David Milliband wasn't stumping for his brother's comeback (or vice-versa). Larry Sanders, the older brother of US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, was spreading the word to a rapidly growing contingent of supporters right here in the UK.

"It's a little bit like the polls," said Eric Lee, the organiser of the local supporters' group London for Bernie. "We started with four or five people – three of them relatives of the candidate. Now we have a group of more than 500 volunteers throughout the UK, and more are joining all the time."

It might seem a bit odd that Americans are campaigning for their Presidential candidates outside the United States, but thanks to Democrats Abroad – an official arm of the Democratic Party – overseas voters are treated as a state, and are given the opportunity to vote in the Global Presidential Primary, which nominates delegates like any other state poll. Voting begins on March 1 at five voting centres, and ballots may also be cast by post, fax, and email.

And Global Primary votes are more powerful than those in the US. From the Democrats Abroad Global Primary FAQ: ‘Your vote has greater weight in our Global Presidential Primary than it does in your home state party. Think about it: ten million votes may be cast in the NY or CA state primaries, but maybe five hundred thousand in DA's Global Primary. Each individual vote is amplified and more powerful in our primary.'

London for Bernie Sanders A London for Bernie activist encourages expats to vote

With an estimated 200,000 US citizens resident in the UK, it's no wonder that American politics are part of the national conversation. Larry Sanders, Bernie's brother, has been here since the 1960s.

"I am meeting more and more people who now support Bernard," said Larry. "There is an overwhelming response to his message that government should work for everyone not just the wealthiest. This message is important in the US and here in the UK too. I hope Americans studying or living here take up the opportunity to vote in the Global Primary."

The Democrats Abroad Global Primary starts 1 March, with voting centres in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and St. Andrews. There are also voting centres in more than 40 other countries. Any member of Democrats Abroad can vote, and non-members can sign up on the day. An Internet registration and postal vote option is also available. For more information on Democrats Abroad and the Global Primary, please see londonforbernie/democrats-abroad-faq/

How to cast your vote in the DA GPP:

1. Join Democrats Abroad:
2. Vote either in person:
or via the remote ballot:

Remember to also register in your home state: Voting in the GPP by post, including registration, should take no more than 15 minutes.

For more information on the Global Presidential Primary, please see: and


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