ACA Webinar September 26, 2016:
a new type of US financial account for Americans abroad who don’t have a US residence or mailing address

Want a US financial account but don't have a US residence or mailing address? Or just need a real good account? Here's the solution brought to you by American Citizens Abroad and the State Department Federal Credit Union. Attend this 30-minute webinar to learn what you need to know.


American Citizens Abroad invites you to attend this Webinar on a new type of US financial account available to Americans residing outside the US, even though they don't have any type of residence or even a mailing address in the US.

This account is essentially the same as the one enjoyed by Consular Officers and others working in American embassies all over the world. It has been adapted for Americans residing abroad, giving ACA members the means to conduct US banking transactions with an established and reputable partner. We think you will be delighted at the ease of opening and operating the account and amazed at the range of available features.

This 30 minute presentation will tell you how you can open an ACA Members/SDFCU account and describe how ACA members are using it.

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Monday, 26 September 2016
17:00 London; 18:00 Geneva, Lausanne, Zürich; 12:00 East Coast
Speakers: Michael Larsen, Chairman, ACA UK Chapter; Michael Morris, Director of Member Engagement, State Department Federal Credit Union; Charles Bruce, Legal Counsel, ACA
Duration: 30 min. | Price: Free

On 1st March 2016, American Citizens Abroad announced a solution to the problem of "lockout" of Americans abroad from US banking services. ACA and the State Department Federal Credit Union have "partnered" on offering an SDFCU Account now available through ACA. In this Webinar, the background and workings of this unique US financial account relationship will be detailed.

For Americans living overseas, an almost insurmountable problem has been opening and maintaining a US bank account if the individual does not have a US residence or valid mailing address – even though he or she is a US citizen. Americans abroad have wrestled with this problem for years. ACA has heard about it hundreds of times.

Now there's a simple, nifty solution. ACA and SDFCU have teamed up to offer an SDFCU Account relationship available as an ACA membership benefit.

This is the same type of account held by Americans working at more than 270 embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions around the world. You can reside full- or part-time abroad and still qualify. You don’t have to have an address in the US. You don’t have to be connected in any way with the Federal Government. The account can be opened entirely online; all services can be accessed conveniently and easily online and many are available through SDFCU’s mobile app. With an account comes the most up-to-date EMV® debit card. An EMV chip and PIN Platinum Credit Card is also available for those who qualify. A large number of financial planning and investment alternatives are available, including "Share Certificates," similar to Certificates of Deposit ("CDs"), and IRAs and other types of tax-advantaged deferred compensation accounts. Tax payments and refunds can be made and received electronically. Similarly, Social Security payments can be received automatically.

This online seminar will explain the product offerings and easy sign-up process for opening an account relationship. Important and practical uses will be discussed.

All American citizens and green card holders living abroad will want to learn about this new financial product and its many features. Want a preview? Go to and click on "NEW ACA MEMBER BENEFITS".

This Webinar is presented by American Citizens Abroad, Inc. and its sister organization, American Citizens Abroad Global Foundation.

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